Transformation and efficiency
Working with

Our suppliers are another of the key factors in our transformation. Both because they make the technical solutions possible and because of the direct contact they have with our customers, especially those which provide support and customer services.


VOLUME OF PURCHASES AWARDED % / Total Mobility Network Services and Works Information Systems B2B / B2C Solutions Advertising and Marketing 27.81% 25.01% 22.95% 9.40% 10.25% 4.58% €25,805 M

We work with our suppliers and partners as allies to achieve social and environmental management standards, ensuring and promoting respect of human rights.

We manage our supply chain in a sustainable manner, monitoring the risks and improving engagement with our suppliers:


Engagement and minimisation of risks

We require 100% of our suppliers to undertake their activities applying similar ethical standards to ours, which ensure the fulfilment of fundamental human and labour rights, as well as the protection of the environment.
We have 311 business groups and 1,072 suppliers which supply us with products or services identified as of possible high risk in the sphere of sustainability.
We identify possible ethical and corruption risks in our accreditation or registration process of 100% of our suppliers.
We have 910 critical suppliers evaluated in regard of Sustainability aspects (including the different subsidiaries associated with the evaluations with Group-level scope).
19,113 administrative or on-site audits and 811 suppliers with improvement plans – 8% of those awarded contracts.
STEP 1 All our suppliers must accept our minimum standards 100% STEP 2 Identification of high-risk suppliers 311 1,072 STEP 3 Evaluating the performance of our high- risk suppliers. 910 STEP 4 Audits – administrative or in situ of risky suppliers 19,113 811 SUPPLIERS BUSINESS GROUPS HIGH-RISK SUPPLIERS CRITICAL SUPPLIERS AUDITS SUPPLIERS WITH IMPROVEMENT PLANS RISK MANAGEMENT ENGAGEMENT

We promote training:

We complement our sustainable management model, in each of the steps, with training and engagement with our suppliers, which allows us to create awareness and promote capacities to improve the sustainability of the supply chain.

And collaboration:

We are members of Joint Audit Cooperation,in which we and another 15 telecommunications operators join forces to verify, evaluate and develop the implementation of sustainability standards in factories of suppliers we have in common, mainly in risky areas such as Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Other key alliances which we form part of are Responsible Minerals Initiative and the Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade.

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