Flagship Case Study
Internet of Things (IoT)
key to energy efficiency

What is it…

IoT allows you to connect what was not connected before, including meters, motors, air conditioning equipment or cars, making them more efficient. The real time data coming out of the devices gives us information about their status, consumption and usage rates. To ensure its effectiveness it is necessary to have the best connectivity to transmit the data to an unique platform. The IoT platform enable the analysis and implementation of the right actions to achieve efficiency improvements.

In Telefónica we offer different energy efficiency solutions for all our customers.

Why is it important…

Climate change is one of the most important challenges in society. This is why the World Economic Forum identifies it as one of the greatest global risk factors. One of the main reasons is the intensive use of energy in the current economic model since it means more than two thirds of the total global emissions. To limit the global temperature increase to a maximum of 2ºC is necessary to make an energy transition based on efficiency and renewable energy.

What is our objective…

Digitalization is one of the main keys to face the climate change challenge. This is why our objective is to offer new digital services based on Internet of Things (IoT). These services allow our customers to improve their energy efficiency. We are ready to capture the business opportunities that may arise in this space with our IoT energy efficiency services.

Through our services we avoid 1.4 kTCo2 of carbon emissions in our customers, being more than the 1.2 kTCo2 that we generate.

What have we achieved… The best evidence is our IoT solutions

SMIP: Smart Energy in UK

image/svg+xml What is it? Objectives. What have we achieved? Why is it important? Digitalization is one of the main levers to achieve the energy transition. Our goal is to offer IoT services that support our clients in this challenge, helping them reduce their operating costs.

Fleet management

What is it? Objectives. What have we achieved? Why is it important?

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